The hamper, a different kind of specimen

Take a look at some awesome products we carefully compiled for your eyes only.


Photography: Thomas Wiuf Schwartz
Set design: Sascha Abel

A coffee break

Give yourself a break with these two treats. Sweet taste, sweet looks by relying on Konrad, the multi-faceted sans-serif. Konrad comes in five weights plus italics and an additional monospace variant.

A solid drink

This luxurious champagne and fine wine show quite some elegance by using Christoly as their font of choice. Christoly is an elegant serif typeface with two weights and an italic version.

A fresh delicacy

Caviar at its freshest with Royaume adding to the freshness. A type family in three weights and italics coming with a bunch of nice symbols.

Get your gift

After all the eye candy there is an actual gift for you, too. Please feel free to click the download link and receive Theodora. A serif font you can use or share or do with whatever you like.